2017-09-27 Michal Idziorekmoving around master
2017-09-27 Michal Idziorekmoving around
2017-09-27 Michal Idziorektuning build system and dirs
2017-09-27 Michal Idziorekiosx makefile
2017-09-27 Michal Idziorekmoving files around
2017-09-27 migueladded readme
2017-09-27 Michal Idziorekdowngraded to api 10 minsdk
2017-09-27 Michal Idziorekmoving files around for android
2017-09-27 Michal Idziorekmoving files
2017-09-27 Michal Idziorekcleanup
2017-09-27 Michal Idziorekadded settings
2017-09-27 Michal Idziorekdeleted temporary artifacts
2017-09-27 Michal Idziorekexperimenting with gradle build automation for android
2017-09-23 Michal Idziorekadded separate emscripten Makefile
2017-09-23 miguelintegrated perlin noise map into game as minimap
2017-09-23 migueladded noise stuff and removed some old audiotest
2017-09-23 miguelminor workarounds to make it a bit more playable..
2017-09-23 miguelincomplete fix of mouse coord calc
2017-09-23 miguelclear all when dead
2017-09-23 miguelrandom next stone
2017-09-23 miguelshow wav and target SDL_AudioSpec
2017-09-23 miguelmusic.wav stereo to mono
2017-09-23 migueluse coin.wav spec
2017-09-23 miguelfirst mixer (just adding music and coins)
2017-09-23 Michal Idziorekworking on sound
2017-09-23 miguelexperimenting with SDL sound
2017-09-22 migueladded storyboard svg
2017-09-22 migueladded minimal template for browser version and audio...
2017-09-21 miguelstill porting to emscripten
2017-09-21 miguelporting to emscripten
2017-09-14 migueladded concept board
2017-09-14 migueladded scaling support
2017-09-13 migueladded coin collecting sounds
2017-09-13 miguelcoins, bigger level, hud, etc
2017-09-12 miguelextra tiles
2017-09-12 miguelfirst commit of boban on the run