2022-05-22 Michal Idziorekadd some todos master
2022-05-21 Michal Idziorekminor cosmetics
2022-05-21 Michal Idziorekupdate to fresh stack lts etc.
2019-04-02 Miguelsimplify cardsplugin
2019-03-18 Miguelgoing away from ogg...
2019-03-17 Miguelsubmenu on first page
2019-03-15 Migueladded .html to Copy Plugin
2019-03-09 Miguelenabled pandoc emoji extension
2019-03-08 Miguelideas/todos update
2019-03-08 Migueladded automatic video conversion via ffmpeg : ogv/ogg...
2019-03-07 Miguelminor cleanup
2019-03-07 Miguelchange ghc-options and adapt executable name in Dockerfile
2019-03-07 Miguelscaling images with image magick
2019-03-07 MiguelRename and add some documentation
2019-03-07 MiguelAdded 'Download & Embed' Plugin
2019-03-06 Miguelcheck directory timestamp too
2019-02-27 Migueladded timestamp check, to refresh only when required
2019-02-20 Migueladded example page
2019-02-19 Miguelfix COPY in Dockerfile
2019-02-19 Migueladded stack build command
2019-02-19 Miguelfix title in readme to new name :P
2019-02-19 Migueladded Dockerfile
2019-02-19 Migueldockerizing
2019-02-19 Miguelfix paths
2019-02-19 Migueladded bootstrap cards plugin et al.
2019-02-19 Miguelallow title override
2019-02-18 Miguelsomething useful
2019-02-17 Miguelfixed hidden directories filter
2019-02-17 Miguelcleaning up in progress
2019-02-01 Miguelfirst commmit after cleanup and switching to stack