2022-07-23 Michal Idziorekbump comet to nixos-22.05 master
2022-05-24 Michal Idziorekadd sf com
2022-05-21 Michal Idziorekminor changes to comet dokuwiki/gitolite backup scripts
2022-05-21 Michal Idziorekmove www.idziorek.net to comet
2022-04-15 Miguelnixops - cleaning comet
2022-04-15 Miguelfixup/cleanup nixops
2022-03-28 Migueladapt comet configuration.nix after channel update
2021-11-21 Miguelcabal build via nix
2021-11-10 Miguelvarious
2021-11-07 Migueladding new nix dir
2021-11-07 Miguelreorganizing nix configs
2021-11-07 Migueladd direnv stuff for nixops dir
2021-11-07 Miguelminor fix in comet path
2021-11-07 Miguel@Cometreorganizing comet config
2021-11-07 Miguelminor fixes/improvements in nixops files
2021-11-06 Miguelplaying with nixos-generate and nixops
2021-11-06 Miguelminor change in backup scripts
2021-11-06 Miguel@Cometmore nixos config
2021-11-05 Miguel (Comet)playing with nixos
2021-10-23 Miguel (Comet)add mariadb & icingaweb2
2021-10-20 migueladapt path in docker_compose_backup.sh
2021-08-11 Migueladapt backup path
2021-06-17 Miguelbackup scripts
2021-05-05 Miguelgit backup: decrease verbosity and automatically tar...
2021-05-05 Miguel (Comet)fix gitweb logo url
2021-05-05 Miguel (Comet)setup/cleanup gitweb/dokuwiki/comet
2021-04-08 Miguel (Comet)activate D in gitolite
2021-04-08 Miguel (Comet)added admin stuff
2021-02-13 Miguelheavy cleanup
2021-01-24 migueladd some stuff from megaloman
2021-01-21 Migueladd dokcer builds
2019-05-12 Migueladded docker tools
2018-10-16 Migueladding extra user warnings before startup!
2018-08-01 Migueladded kvm tools and some simple scripts